I just love aerial shots of Disneyland, especially old ones from the 50s – 70s where you can noticeably see how the park has evolved throughout the years.

I recently came across this aerial shot of the park taken from the north end in August of 1963.

Disneyland in August 1963. Click to see larger version (will open in new window).

In between Fantasyland and the Rivers of America is the long lost Mine Train through Nature’s Wonderland which was replaced by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in 1977.

You will also notice a very different looking Tomorrowland than what you will find today. The infamous Flying Saucer attraction sits in its oval glory and The House Of The Future is perched unsuspecting that the wrecking ball awaits its famous demise just a few years away.

What looks like a criss-cross pattern of lumber and steel adjacent to The Jungle Cruise is the construction of New Orleans Square. The basement portion would be the beginning of The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction which would continue in a ride building located on the outside of the berm.

Just northwest of where New Orleans Square is being constructed sits The Haunted Mansion, at least the house itself. The attraction would not open until 1969, so until then then mansion would sit there intriguing guests as what was to come.

Finally, the huge parking lot south of the park is where California Adventure sits today.

How Disneyland has evolved throughout the years and continues to do so. Reminds me of Walt Disney’s statement: “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

Photo credit: Robert J. Boser. (EditorASC)


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