Disneyland Paris Fan Survey

The following infographic was discovered at Michael Sandberg’s Data Visualization Blog and is the result of a huge survey tht was conducted by DLPToday sometime in 2011. Though dated, it reveals some interesting information about Disneyland Paris fans.

Disneyland Paris To Build a Third Theme Park

After signing a fresh 20-year pact with the French government, Euro Disney hopes to build a third theme park on the current property. The new agreement enables the group, in which the Walt Disney Company holds a 40 percent stake, to continue building on the site in Marne-la-Vallée outside of Paris for a further 13 years. The current agreement was supposed to end in 2017 but will now will now extend to 2030.

Visit Disneyland Paris Via Google Earth

Last summer The Walt Disney Company took a big step into the realm of “virtual tourism” by introducing the Walt Disney World Park in Google Earth. Users were able to click on maps that show about 1,500 rides, restaurants and attractions all in 3-D.

Now Disneyland Paris becomes the second park that is available for “virtual tours” to Google Earth users.

Disneyland Paris Accepting Pounds In Effort To Lure British Travelers

The Disneyland Resort in Paris has launched what it is referring to “sterling packages” in an effort to lure British holidaymakers who have been staying at home due to the weak pound. “We are allowing people to buy in pounds – everything from park passes to hotels and meals vouchers. Then they have everything in place and are largely protected,” said the Euro Disney chief executive, Philippe Gas, in comments to The Daily Telegraph.

Lot’s of New Stuff Coming To Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is coming off a very successful 15 year anniversary celebration that not only introduced two new attractions – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Stitch Live!, but brought about a 10% increase in attendance for the nine month celebration that ended June 30 2008.