The Beatles ‘Get Back’ Documentary Series to Appear on Disney+

If you are a Disney fan, as I am, and if you are a fan of The Beatles, as I am, then you are going to be thrilled, as I am, with a new Disney+ documentary series on the latter days of The Beatles. Disney is promising over 6 hours of never-before-seen restored footage, Including The Beatles’ last live performance, to roll out on Disney+ over 3 days – November 25, 26 and 27, 2021.

Most Popular Disney Princesses

While there’s still no official criteria for becoming a Disney Princess, there are several common traits among the official list. These include being human or humanoid, being of royal descent, and of course being a main character in a Disney featured film. There is currently 12 official Disney Princesses who follow these criteria.

The Best Disney Couples of All Time

Disney’s portrayal of love and romance is always so inspiring. Love is always so perfect in Disney movies and it can make us long for something just as special in our own lives. The following infographic from Valentina goes through the best Disney weddings/romances.

Disney Animated Ladies Census

I discovered the following infographic over at Buzzfeed where a detailed census of the 21 leading animated female characters from every Disney film was conducted. To be included in the census, characters had to both be human as well as have a leading role in a film. The results are all presented in this colorful infographic.

5 Disney Villains and the Lessons They Teach Our Kids

The villains in Disney films often gain the upper hand because some innocent, doe-eyed character trusted them when they shouldn’t have. Now, we don’t want to to encourage cynicism in our kids, but a healthy dose of skepticism could potentially save their life one day. Unfortunately, the characters in Disney movies don’t have access to background check services like Instant Checkmate.

Visual History of Mickey Mouse

After more than 80 years of stardom, Goin2Travel thought it would be fun to provide a visual history of this iconic mouse. From humble beginnings during the “roaring twenties”, surviving and even flourishing during the “great depression” right up to the digital age present, Mickey and his fellow Disney stars are favorites of children everywhere.

Muppets Fun Facts

I remember watching The Muppet Show as a kid. Now part of the Walt Disney Company and with a new feature film out in theaters, Blockbuster has released an Infographic with some Muppet fun facts.