Shanghai Disneyland Park Map?

S.W. Wilson of Theme Park Concepts designed a park map of what Shanghai Disneyland MIGHT look like. I say “might” because Disney has not released an official blueprint or park map to date. Rather, the map below is based on several clues that have been released about the park that you can read more about here. Still it is a great effort and a fantastic look at what this new theme park might look like.

Shanghai Disneyland: Groundbreaking Occurs April 8th

April 8, 2011 will be the official groundbreaking for Shanghai Disneyland. The event will take place with with government-owned partner Shanghai Shendi Group Co. , Disney CEO Robert Iger and Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Thomas Staggs. The start of construction marks a milestone in a five-year process involving negotiations with city and central government officials.

Shanghai Disneyland Will Consist of Three Theme Parks

City officials have confirmed that Shanghai Disneyland will consist of three theme parks. Additionally the resort, which is planning to open in 2015, will have a a special Metro line that will transport visitors to the theme park. This will be China’s second Disneyland property and the first on actual China mainland, the other being located in Hong Kong.

Shanghai Disneyland Project Ready To Roll

Shanghaî Daily is reporting that the construction of Disneyland Shanghai, China’s second Disney theme park, will kick off next month, following the closure of the Shanghai World Expo on October 31. The land for phase one is ready for use and two of the total of seven roads planned for the project have passed checks, according to yesterday’s National Business Daily.

Final Location Announced For Shanghai Disneyland

With Chinese government approval of Disney’s newest theme park in Shanghai, a final location has been selected as well. China’s second Disney theme park will be located in the Chuansha town of Pudong New Area, covering 116 hectares, according to the theme park’s final plans announced on the National Development and Reform Commission website yesterday.

Shanghai Disneyland is expected to open within five years and is expected to cost 3.5 billion US dollars.