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Disney’s Haunted Mansion: Truths, Myths & Legends

The Haunted Mansion is an iconic attraction with locations in each of the six Disney destinations, and each boasts 999 happy haunts that are ready to welcome one more. While the ride itself is loved by all who take a seat in the doombuggies, the rumors surrounding the mansions have long been known to frighten park attendees and staffers, alike.

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Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasure Map, Myths & Legends

In the following infographic, Costume SuperCenter takes a look at some of the more interesting history about the Caribbean adventures that can be had in Anaheim and Orlando, among other cities. From a list of truths and myths, to your very own treasure map through the attraction, this infographic has everything you need to know about this beloved attraction.

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Which Disney Park Is Actually The Happiest?

There’s only room for one Happiest Place on Earth on Earth, at least according to the following infographic. The team at Cheap Flights.co.uk have cross-examined ticket prices, acreage, and the number of character meet-and-greets to determine which of six Disney parks is the most jolly. You may or may not be surprised at the results.

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Star Tours 2.0 Will Offer Different Experince Every Time You Fly

The old Star Tours was pretty cool but let’s face it – after riding the attraction several times, it was pretty predictable what was going to happen next. That’s due in part because it was the same experience every time. Not so with Disney’s new version of Start Tours due to open next year. In fact, visitors can expect to go on a different journey just about every time they get on the new Star Tours ride.

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Disney Parks Marketing Campaign: “Let The Memories Begin”

Disney announces their “Let the Memories Begin” marketing plans for 2010 in which guests will become the stars of a nightly spectacular when photos taken in the park during the day become larger-than-life projections on Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort or “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Resort. Additionally, Disney guests will begin starring on television commercials as part of the new campaign.

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Queue Video For Star Tours 2.0 Released

During the recent Star Wars Celebration V hosted in Walt Disney World Orlando and specifically the “Last Tour to Endor” – a special farewell to the Star Tours attraction based on the film, Disney and Lucasfilm released a new video that will play in the queue of the attraction at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park.

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Mickey Mouse Finds His Voice

This is so cool! Seems as if Disney Imagineering is testing out technology that will allow The Mickey Mouse character you see in the parks to actually speak and interact guests. In the past, all costumed characters have been silent with the exception of shows and parades. However just recently, a few lucky guests were invited to be part of an experiment conducted in Mickey’s Toon Town studio where the character soke to them and even blinked his eyes.

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Could Line Queues at Disney Theme Parks Be a Thing of the Past?

What is one of the worst things about visiting any amusement or theme park? Line queues – waiting and waiting and waiting for an attraction that lasts only minutes or in some cases, 17 seconds (Top Thrill Dragster). To Disney’s credit, they have done the best job out of all amusement/theme parks in creating queues that ease the frustration and in many cases, help tell the story of the attraction itself.

What if line queues were to go away? Is it possible?

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Disney Unveils “Premier Passport” Which Provides Access To All U.S. Parks

If you have been waiting for an annual passport that would allow access to both Disney theme parks in the United States, wait no longer. Disney now offers a new premium annual pass for admission to the parks at both Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort called “Disney Premier Passport.” It’ll feature the same benefits offered with the “premium” annual passes for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

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Disney Testing Reserved Table System at WDW Quick Service Dining Spots

Walt Disney World has implemented a reservation system at many of its “quick service” restaurants which not only allows them to seat guests quickly but allows them to see an increase in profits as well. The former practice of saving tables while another place an order for food is no longer allowed during times when the parks are experiencing peak traffic.

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Star Tours II To Debut in 2011

During Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo’s presentation on the future of Disney Park’s and resorts at the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, he confirmed what has been speculated for some time now: a new 3-D version of the tremendously-popular “Star Tours” attraction will debut at the Disneyland Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2011.

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Remembering Captain EO (Michael Jackson 1958-2009)

A world renowned music artist oozing with talent, a pop culture icon, a supreme example of flamboyance and stardom, a troubled soul. In the wake of his death, Michael Jackson was many things to many people and no matter what you may think of him, he left behind many creative works of art – one of those being the Captain EO 3-D experience.

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