It’s been nine long months but the ‘it’s a small world’ attraction in Disneyland is once again open complete with its traditional Christmas overlay. The attraction has been under refurbishment since January of this year in order to make the water canal deeper, install new boats and generally refurbish the ride along with bringing show elements up to date.

It has also been confirmed that as part of the refurbishment, Imagineers planned to implement recognizable Disney characters such as Lilo and Stitch and others into the attraction. This brought about a combination of praise as well as criticism from Disney fans. Those Disney characters are not in place with the re-opening of it’s a small world on Friday but will very likely make their appearance after the Christmas Holiday overlay is removed in January.

Besides the water canals being deeper, the brand new boats are slightly narrower and hold fewer passengers. Changes to the interior of the attraction are more subtle including the fact that a few characters from the rainforest scene have been relocated, reportedly to make room for a new America scene after the holiday overlay is removed.

Here are a few photos taken by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix of MousePlanet.

its a small world at Disneyland

it’s a small world wearing its Christmas Holiday facade

New boats and deeper water canal

Brand new boats and a deeper water canal


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