During the first 30 years of Disneyland’s history, the park often struggled to create an identity to attract locals into the park. One of the strategies they would employ is to host “themed” nights in which they might bring in some form of entertainment.

With no new major attraction to promote this year, Disneyland resort is reverting back to an old trick with what they call “Nightastic!”

The park will glow like never before this summer as it debuts an all-new fireworks show – Magical, along with sensational new characters and effects that will brighten the Summer Nightastic! lineup of after-dark entertainment.

Here’s a look at the what’s-old-is-new-again lineup:

  • The Tomorrowland Terrace stage, which first debuted in 1967, gets redubbed TLT Dance Club, with live bands and DJs.
  • Tinker Bell’s Pixie Hollow, which was added in 2008, gets a LED lighting upgrade and sees a return of the area’s old pop-jet fountains.
  • The 17-year-old Fantasmic gets a new 40-foot-tall animated dragon and a pair of eels to accompany Ursula the Sea Witch and high-definition video projectors.
  • The circa-1972 Electrical Parade brings back three old floats (including Snow White and Pinocchio) and swaps in Tinker Bell for the traditional Blue Fairy lead float, which is sure to irk Disney purists.
  • Continuing a half-century nighttime tradition, the Magical fireworks show marks the most dramatic change from past seasons — with the addition of a flying Dumbo character and a magic theme featuring music and audio clips from “Pinocchio,” “Mary Poppins,” “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty.”


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