Disney typically does a pretty good job hiding construction and refurbishment projects. Sure the construction walls are not always the most welcoming aesthetic when visiting a Disney park but when they even go so far as to “theme” the walls, it makes for a much more pleasant experience.

That can not be said for the current flurry of construction projects going on at Disney’s California Adventure.

All part of the $1 Billion Revamping of Disney’s California Adventure, it is almost hard to imagine that the park is still open for business. The photos below will clearly demonstrate the flurry of activity that is currently taking place at the park and how difficult it has been for Disney Imagineers to conceal the details.

Construction continues in Paradise Bay for DCA's new water spectacular.

Construction materials laid out on the dry bottom of Paradise Bay

Quite a lot of heavy equipment has been moved into Paradise Bay.

The table-like structures might be pyro launchers, lighting bases or some other element of the new show.

Walls and tarps make theis best attempt to block curious viewers.

Paradise Bay is surrounded by colorful construction walls.

In some areas, the walls almost form a maze.

The Lucky Fortune Cookery will soon reopen under a different name and with different cuisine.

Photos courtesy of Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix from MousePlanet.

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