Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday Portrait Unveiled

The “mouse that started it all” is turning 90 and a new birthday portrait was recently revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Titled “Spreading Happiness Around the World,” the painting by legendary Walt Disney Animation Studios animator Mark Henn honors Mickey’s 90th anniversary.

Of Mice & Mergers: What You Need To Know About Disney/Fox Merger

The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of 21st Century Fox means that the already behemoth of a media company now controls a huge amount of our most beloved films and television series. Announced in December 2017 and expected to take until at least 2021 to complete,...

The Best Disney Couples of All Time

Disney’s portrayal of love and romance is always so inspiring. Love is always so perfect in Disney movies and it can make us long for something just as special in our own lives. The following infographic from Valentina goes through the best Disney weddings/romances

The Ultimate Guide to Walt Disney World

Here is a handy infographic from the folks at Travelhackrz which provides information about best times to visit Walt Disney World in Florida. It also includes suggestions on accommodations, tips to save money, Fastpass+ recommendations for each park and much more.

The Grandparent’s Guide to Walt Disney World

It was fun enough to take the kids to a Disney park but grand kids are even better. However, while taking grand children to a Disney park such as Walt Disney World, it can also be a daunting task in proper planning is not put into place. The following infographic provides some basic tips that grandparents can keep in mind the next time they take the grand kids to Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World Hidden Treasures

Everybody knows the big attractions at Walt Disney World in Florida, but there are a host of surprises just waiting to be discovered! HomeAway reveals some of them in this guide to some little-known secrets.

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2013 Disney Legends Award Honorees To Be Celebrated During D23 Expo

The list of Disney Honorees to be celebrated during this year’s D23 Expo is impressive to say the least and includes Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Jobs, and Dick Clark to name a few. I’m glad to see that Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter also made the list. These and many others will be honored at 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 10, in the D23 Expo Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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Disney’s Mighty Empire

Disney has come a long way from its “it all started with a mouse” origins. What started as a cartoon studio in 1923 by the two brothers, Walt and Roy Disney, is today the largest media company worldwide by both revenue and familiarity. Unless you are living in a cave, Disney has the attention and dollars from the day that most folks are born until the day they die.

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Maintaining Walt Disney World [Infographic]

While Disney Parks across the world are known as the “magical kingdom,” it takes a bit more than magic to keep them running smooth. Hundreds of thousands of people can pour into a Disney Park over the course of a single month, and if left alone the parks could and probably would fall apart quite rapidly. It is the maintenance workers that keep it together.

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Walt Disney Company Acquires Lucasfilm (Star Wars)

I certainly didn’t see this coming but cannot say that I’m surprised. As Disney continues to expand themselves as a media giant as well as the fact that one of the major attractions within Disney parks is the Star Tours attraction, the acquisition of Lucasfilm seems a natural fit.And for you Star War fans who thought there’d never be another Star Wars movie… think again! “Star Wars Episode 7” is slated to come out in 2015.

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A Visual History of Disney Characters

Goin2Travel.com, who recently brought us a “Visual History of Mickey Mouse,” has now put together this fun infographic that takes a historical look back at some of the most iconic Disney characters throughout the years and how they got their start.

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5 Disney Villains and the Lessons They Teach Our Kids

The villains in Disney films often gain the upper hand because some innocent, doe-eyed character trusted them when they shouldn’t have. Now, we don’t want to to encourage cynicism in our kids, but a healthy dose of skepticism could potentially save their life one day. Unfortunately, the characters in Disney movies don’t have access to background check services like Instant Checkmate.

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Visual History of Mickey Mouse

After more than 80 years of stardom, Goin2Travel thought it would be fun to provide a visual history of this iconic mouse. From humble beginnings during the “roaring twenties”, surviving and even flourishing during the “great depression” right up to the digital age present, Mickey and his fellow Disney stars are favorites of children everywhere.

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The Future of Theme Parks

While Disney theme parks are the “utopia” of all theme parks, they were not the first to come on scene. In fact, the very first theme park has its origin in the 1500’s. The following infographic reveals some very interesting historical facts about theme parks and even looks into what the future holds for theme parks.

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Disney’s California Adventure Expansion Stats & Numbers

Disney’s five year, 1 billion dollar expansion of its California Adventure theme park is near complete. June 15 is the date that two highly anticipated themed lands, Cars Land and Buena Vista Street, will open completing one of the largest expansions in history.

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Choosing the Best Disney World Vacation Package

Entry tickets to Walt Disney World alone can run about a grand for the entire family. On the other hand, if you buy a travel package that combines tickets, accommodations and more, you can save tons of money on your vacation. Here is an infographic that highlights some of the best vacation packages. It also provides some cool facts about Walt Disney World at the bottom.

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D23 Expo III Announced – Aug. 9-11, 2013

D23 Expo, the ultimate Disney fan event, skips this year but will return to the Anaheim Convention Center on August 9-11, 2013. If you’ve never been to a D23 Expo, it is something to see. Personally I love the trade floor and especially all the Disney collectibles. But, there’s a lot more to it than Disney products and collectibles. Read on for the details.

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Neon Signs to Light Up the Night at Cars Land

Disney Imagineers are working hard to put all the finishing touches on the new Cars land that is scheduled to open on June 15th this summer. Some of those finishing touches include classic neon signs. Disney has re-created the Radiator Springs seen in Cars and Cars2 including many of its iconic buildings as well as neon signs.

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Who Is Disney-O-Rama

Disney-O-Rama is a compilation of Disney news, historical facts, insider tips and more. While we will mostly focus on Disney’s theme parks — Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World in particular, you will also find us covering other Disney topics as well.


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