Disneyland Paris | Disney-°o°-Rama http://www.disneyorama.com Fri, 06 Apr 2018 20:03:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://www.disneyorama.com/images//2016/08/125x125mickey.jpg Disneyland Paris | Disney-°o°-Rama http://www.disneyorama.com 32 32 Disneyland Paris Fan Survey http://www.disneyorama.com/2016/07/disneyland-paris-fan-survey/ Thu, 21 Jul 2016 16:00:26 +0000 http://www.disneyorama.com/?p=2608 The following infographic was discovered at Michael Sandberg’s Data Visualization Blog and is the result of a huge survey tht was conducted by DLPToday sometime in 2011. Though dated, it reveals some interesting information about Disneyland Paris fans.

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Disneyland Paris Fan Survey

Disneyland Paris To Build a Third Theme Park http://www.disneyorama.com/2010/09/disneyland-paris-to-build-a-third-theme-park/ http://www.disneyorama.com/2010/09/disneyland-paris-to-build-a-third-theme-park/#comments Tue, 14 Sep 2010 15:15:17 +0000 http://www.disneyorama.com/?p=1679 After signing a fresh 20-year pact with the French government, Euro Disney hopes to build a third theme park on the current property. The new agreement enables the group, in which the Walt Disney Company holds a 40 percent stake, to continue building on the site in Marne-la-Vallée outside of Paris for a further 13 years. The current agreement was supposed to end in 2017 but will now will now extend to 2030.

The French government originally gave consent for Disneyland Paris to be built on the condition that Disney would only buy pockets of land in stages once previous plots have been developed. It was France’s first regional development public-private partnership.

In the latest agreement with the French government, authorities have simultaneously agreed to increase the number of hectares available for Euro Disney to develop, from 1,943 to 2,230. This will mean greater space for accommodation, entertainment and an eco-tourism resort.

A big part of this new agreement includes the fact that the park will build in partnership with Pierre & Vacances Co a new leisure village called “Village Nature of Val d’Europe.” This project was announced many years ago however this Village will include a water park on which WDI Imagineers worked on the design. Unfortunately it will not be the original Lava Lagoon project hat many might have expected.

As you can see, this moves Euro Disney into the residential property business, with the possibility of eco-friendly holiday homes being contructed and then sold to private buyers.

The environmental resort would be developed in phases over a period of 20 years and could grow to approximately 500 hectares in size. By 2030, it is believed that projects within the new perimeter will generate an approximate investment of $8bn by various tourist and urban developers, including €1.8bn for the new eco-tourism scheme.

Philippe Gas,the group’s chief executive, said: “We are renewing our collective confidence in the future of Disneyland Paris. For over twenty years, this model has brought sustained growth to the region, while ensuring a close relationship with our public partners and neighbouring communities.  We are committed to continue developing our tourist destination and supporting France’s tourism leadership.”

Not much detail as far as the third theme park itself but at least with the new deal, Euro Disney has the time and hopefully the investment dollars to eventually open that third gate.

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Visit Disneyland Paris Via Google Earth http://www.disneyorama.com/2009/05/visit-disneyland-paris-via-google-earth/ Tue, 26 May 2009 20:03:29 +0000 http://www.disneyorama.com/?p=848 Last summer The Walt Disney Company took a big step into the realm of “virtual tourism” by introducing the Walt Disney World Park in Google Earth. Users were able to click on maps that show about 1,500 rides, restaurants and attractions all in 3-D.

Now Disneyland Paris becomes the second park that is available for “virtual tours” to Google Earth users.

Although I had difficulty using Google Earth to virtually tour the park myself, I am told that the 3-d buildings are stunning. Apparently more than 85,000 photos (450GB worth) were taken over a 20 day period for this project. The castle alone is comprised of over 354 textures derived from over 2,000 photos.

While the buildings are superb, it’s really all the other detail that makes this data worth the virtual trip.

There are over 500 unique landscape elements that were created to make the park look as realistic as possible. What’s more, each attraction has unique plant life associated with that area. For example, palm and tropical plants were used on Adventure Island. Desert-type plants were used in Frontierland, broad leaf deciduous trees were used in Main Street, pine trees were used in Discovery Land and shaped pruned trees were used in Fantasyland.

If there were street or landscaping elements in the photographs, they were modeled. Essentially every bench, light post, tree, bush, planter box, street sign, fence, street curb, fountain, rock, bridge, table & chair are included.

It is said that photographers rode the Indiana Jones Temple of Peril ride repeatedly in order to “understand the actual path of the roller coaster when modeling the attraction.” The model includes every loop, turn and climb.

At the top of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, you’ll spy Tinker Bell, complete with a trail of pixie dust, adding just a little more magic to the layer.

Disney developed a custom KML for each attraction in the two Disneyland Paris Parks, each of the seven Disney hotels and the Disney Village. Simply click on the area of interest and a KML bubble complete with Flash animations and sound will appear. You can navigate from place-to-place using this approach or simply use the 3D mouse and stroll through the park on your own at ground level.

The Disneyland Paris layer can be found in the “Gallery” folder (note that you need to have Google Earth 5.0 to view the models). The layer is available in six languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and English.

Disneyland Paris Accepting Pounds In Effort To Lure British Travelers http://www.disneyorama.com/2009/02/disneyland-paris-accepting-pounds-in-effort-to-lure-british/ Mon, 02 Feb 2009 17:39:50 +0000 http://www.disneyorama.com/?p=487 The Disneyland Resort in Paris has launched what it is referring to “sterling packages” in an effort to lure British holidaymakers who have been staying at home due to the weak pound.

“We are allowing people to buy in pounds – everything from park passes to hotels and meals vouchers. Then they have everything in place and are largely protected,” said the Euro Disney chief executive, Philippe Gas, in comments to The Daily Telegraph.Euro Disney reported that sales were down to 327.8 million euros, from 340.5 million euros in the final quarter of 2008. This figure was compared to the same period in 2007. It said that the company remains resilient in spite of economic conditions.

While theme park revenues increased from 175 million euros for the fourth quarter of 2007 to 186.1 million euros for the same quarter in 2008, hotel revenues declined ad were down from 126.7 million euros in the final quarter of 2007, to 124.6 million euros for the fourth quarter of 2008.

Mr. Gas indicated that he anticipated the resort would continue to attract visitors, even in the current economic downturn, as holidaymakers choose shorter breaks at destinations that are closer to home.

He also noted that they were experiencing some weakness in Spain, and a small decline in the number of UK visitors, but feels that “the escapism” that Disney provides will prove an antidote to the financial “gloom and doom”.

“People are able to enter a new world, live in a dream and forget the economic crisis and the gloom,” Gas added. “We are well positioned in this time of crisis.”

Lot’s of New Stuff Coming To Disneyland Paris http://www.disneyorama.com/2008/08/lots-of-new-stuff-coming-to-disneyland-paris/ Fri, 22 Aug 2008 16:25:17 +0000 http://www.disneyorama.com/?p=29 Disneyland Paris is coming off a very successful 15 year anniversary celebration that not only introduced two new attractions – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Stitch Live!, but brought about a 10% increase in attendance for the nine month celebration that ended June 30 2008.

Now in an attempt to keep the momentum going, WDI has plans for improvements as well as new attractions that are designed to keep the crowds coming. LaughingPlace.com has full details but here is in short what Disneyland Paris has in store.

  • Playhouse Disney Live on Stage! will premier next spring in the Disney Channel building. The show will be a joint tenant with Stitch Live! that opened earlier this year.
  • WDI has been working hard to create true Disney environments at the Walt Disney Studios Park. Virtually all of the original structures were just cold soundstages. WDI have tried to create new immersive infrastructures in the old Animation Courtyard (now Toon Studio) and Production Courtyard (with a new Tram Tour entrance and new facades surrounding The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror).
  • Disneyland ParisWDI have pitched a new dark ride experience for a pad of land behind the existing Magic of Disney Animation building at the park. The attraction will use the track-less system that was developed for Tokyo Disneyland’s Pooh’s Hunny Hunt back in 2000 and has not been used for a dark ride at any park since.Guests will be shrunk to the size of Remy as they are chased through the kitchen by Chef Skinner and his cohorts. The attraction will play with scale throughout as the four-man ride vehicles careen around the world of Ratatouille. if built, this new attraction is likely to be the centerpiece of the 20th anniversary in 2012.
  • WDI is looking to add a plethora of new attractions in a Toy Story­-inspired mini-land that will take its cue from A Bug’s Land at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Toy Storyland will provide up to five kid-friendly attractions and a Meet ‘n’ Greet area. The theme is likely to be Woody’s Roundup from the fictional TV show from the two movies. WDI is hopeful that Toy Storyland will be ready to greet guests at around the time that the third Toy Story movie is released in June ’10 but it is likely to be later than that due to the significant work that will be required to alter the Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic tour route.
  • WDI will be adding place-making touches to the area surrounding AniMagique to bring the show building up to the same standard as the rest of Toon Studio. Production Courtyard will follow that.
  • Next year the park will debut the Disney Stars and Motorcar Parade from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • Finally, WDI is pitching numerous ideas to add much-needed all-year-round capacity to the park.

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